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Astrid's Blog is Moving!

Hi Livejournal folks!

It's a sad day, perhaps, but I've decided to abandon my Livejournal account. I have a fancy new website now that comes with its own blog, and so I'm moving posts and comments over there - and I'll be updating that site rather than this one.

So instead of saying farewell, how about I say, visit me at my new house at www.astridamara.com! And hook your RSS feed to me! (I think you need this address: feed://feeds.feedburner.com/AstridAmara ).

That way we can keep in touch. I'm going to be linking to all your blogs so I can remain updated.

Woo hoo!



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Ooh, I'm sorry you're going :( Are you deleting your LJ, or just won't be updating anymore?

I will go check out your new home, though :)
The horse is looking awesome ^_^